Monte Mimo is located  near Mimosa, a litttle vilage in Alentejo, 50 km away from the beach (west coast), with a flat landscape and where temperatures can rise up to 40 degrees in summertime.

The main local crops are olives, vine, maiz, tomato and wheat!

The land has 3Ha and it’s being worked for 10 years with the goal of soil and landscape regenerating.

We are inspired by the knoWledge of Permaculture, concerning Holisitic Management, Water Management and Swales, Food Forest and Familiar and Organic Agriculture.

 In the house our electrical and water system are off the grid. As we believe in self-suficiency, our energy is solar power bades and the water comes from a borehole. So, we have to be constantly aware about it’s usage. We have a deep respect for both energy and water flows and cycles.

We are a family with small children, so the dynamics should respect their needs for play and rest!


The work we would like to share is our daily activities in the farm:

outdoor – vegetable garden, animals

indoor – bioconstruction, cooking

in and out – children and other works, eg. to collect manure

Tasks are defined personaly and concerning your motivations. Times and location of tasks depend on the time of day, due to the heat in the summer and the day light in winter, to define if these will be perform inside or outside.

We would prefer a maximum of 3 people each time and staying a minimum of 7 days.

We have:

  • a tent for 2 persons;
  • cold shower;
  • big tank that can be used as a swimming pool to cool down;
  • compost toilet;
  • material for building a chillout shadow for afterlunch rest;
  • the three main meals;

We ask you to bring:

  • sleeping bag and mattress;
  • environmentally friendly higiene products;
  • your snacks and little things that make you feel confortable;

We mainly consume local and self prodution items, so coffee it’s not daily consumption here.

If you smoke please do it only near the house.

You can arrive any day till 8pm. There are buses that arrive 3 km from us – Rede Expressos – and we can pick you up!

Please communicate your intentions at least two days before you’re coming.

You are welcome!

Thank You.